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Professional Translation and Proofreading of your English and Arabic Content

Professionalism at Work

We have worked on texts from a variety of industries, such as technology, commerce, medicine, law, media, etc.




Accurate & powerful localized content reflecting the source and target cultures and texts.


Whatever document you need translated, you will be served by native speakers of Arabic.


Our bilingual translators will provide high quality output from and into French.

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Linguistic Expertise

I am a native speaker of Arabic, a holder of a PhD in English and applied linguistics, and I am also certified as a translator from the University of Toronto, Canada. I am also a university teacher and an accomplished researcher.


We are well aware of the attitudes and traditions particular to different cultures— these are factors and variables that definitely influence language itself. Language and culture are related to one another, and any work of translation should take into account such an interplay between both concepts.

On-Time Delivery

All projects are delivered before your deadline. We accept projects only when we are sure we will deliver before the deadline


We have expertise in quite a few disciplines. We have worked on contents from domains such as life sciences, law, business, the arts, medicine, etc.


We take pride in our work and are committed to continuous improvement and optimization. We, at linguistcorner.com, walk the extra mile to embody these qualities.

Attention to Detail

We pay particular attention to detail. We check, double-check, and triple-check to ensure that every detail is correct.